2019 - Walk with the Heart of a Child

Go Fletcher!
Go Fletcher!

Team Fletcher

Before Fletcher was born he was diagnosed with HLHS. The doctors said it was very rare for this condition to change or improve, and up to a week before he was born, it remained unchanged. We needed to plan on him undergoing at least 3 open heart surgeries. When Fletcher was born the board of cardiologists reviewed his condition again and found it had “inexplicably changed dramatically.” They were shocked and excited, as were we!

He was diagnosed with Shones Syndrome. It was a whole new world. His left ventricle was still slightly small but big enough to be functional. The remaining areas of concern were the coarctation of the aortic arch, a small mitral valve and a bicuspid aortic valve. (He also had two large VSDs but they suddenly closed a week before he was born.) He would also only have to undergo 1 open heart surgery; which he did at just 9 days old to repair his small aortic arch. The surgery went great and he recovered very well. After a total of five weeks in the hospital, our little boy got to come home with us!

However, because of his remaining small mitral valve and bicuspid aortic valve, Fletcher will always have a risk for more surgeries. Up to this point though, his heart appears to be growing fine and functioning well enough to live a happy and healthy life! We are so grateful for family and friends, miracles and answers to prayers, and for the wonderful cardiologists and surgeons at the Children’s Heart Center!

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One Heart at a Time

Established in 2001, Children's Heart Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to improving the quality of life for children and families affected by a heart condition through emotional, educational and financial support. We have several programs in place designed to meet the changing needs of a heart family as they pass through difference stages of treatment.


Together We can Make a Difference

Your gift helps us provide much needed services to our heart children and their families.

  • $25 pays for gas to and from doctor's visits
  • $50 supplies a heart family with a weeks worth of groceries
  • $100 pays for a month of prescriptions for a heart child
  • $500 helps a heart family in need with rent or utility bills
  • $1000 sends one heart child to Camp Mend-a-Heart

We appreciate you joining us and helping the littlest of hearts. Thank you for your BIG heart! 


Big Hearts helping Little Hearts

Children's Heart Foundation is committed to making a difference in the lives of heart families through emotional, educational and financial support to inspire a higher quality of life for all. It is only through the generous support of individuals and organizations like you that we are able to fulfill that mission. Thank you for your BIG Heart! If you have any questions or want further information about our services, please contact us at (702) 967-3522.

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